Der arge Feind, der Fürst der Finsternis - GWV1120/42
Christoph Graupner (1683-1760)


The evil enemy

 the prince of darkness approaches,

 he wants to dare something big:

 He puts on a garment of light,

 he thinks and means

 when he hides the snake skin,

 he wants to defeat Jesus himself.

 But erred!

 Flee Satan, flee from it!

 Your attack is in vain,

 for here is the Son of God.


Satan comes with power and intrigue
but Jesus, Son of God,
speaks scorn at him.
Rejoice in it, you righteous ones;
If you have to fight with the snake
Whoever dares the fight on Jesus
carries away victory and honor.

Recitative [Bass]

But prepare yourselves and watch, your pious,
Satan tends to come very impertinently
and often.
How bold, how often does he not attack Jesus!
And He lets it happen
that you take an example.
Here you can see
what Satan dares and what the Lord has done.
The enemy needs cunning, the Savior needs God’s word.
With this defense
He chases away the serpent.
Take note of the consolation here, grasp this lesson:
Satan cannot with all pranks
in him who honors God,
who opposes him the word of the Lord,
achieve the purpose of wickedness.


God is my castle and fortress,
I can be sure of that.
If Satan storms upon me,
Ei!  He shall not succeed.
Jesus helps me conquer him.
Says the serpent “serve me”
Ei! I say “Away with you,
for I serve God alone.”


Nothing is done with our power
we will soon be lost.
The right man fights for us
whom God Himself has chosen.
You ask who He is?
His name is Jesus Christ
the Lord Sabaoth,
and is no other god
he must keep the field forever.

Translation provided by Claudia Lemcke

Nun danket alle Gott
Johann Christoph Altnikol (1719-1759)


Now all thank God

He does great things

for us and all our purposes;

He for us from our mother's womb

keeps alive

and does us good;

he gives us a happy heart.

and give us everlasting peace,

in our time in Israel!

To which his grace always,

always stay with us,

and redeem us,

as long as we live on earth.


Glory, honour and praise be to God,

to the Father and to the Son

and also the Holy Spirit

on heaven's high throne,
to the triune God,
as he was from the beginning
and is and will remain
now and forever.

Der Herr denket an uns - BWV 196
Johann Sebastian Bach (1685 -1750)


The Lord thinks of us and blesses us.
He blesses the house of Israel, he blesses the house of Aaron.


He blesses those who fear the Lord, both, small and great.

Aria (Duetto) [Tenor, Bass]

May the Lord bless you more and more, you and your children.


You are the blessed of the the Lord, who has made heaven and earth. Amen.

Lobet den Herrn - BWV 230
Johann Sebastian Bach (1685 -1750)


Praise the Lord, all the heathens
And celebrate him, all the peoples!
For his grace and truth
Reign over us for ever.